keith collingwood ltd

"Vegetable Harvesting at it's Best"


Keith Collingwood Ltd is a family run business that specialises in the manufacture of vegetable harvesting equipment including the Mini Veg Packer.


The Mini Veg Packer is a fully mobile & very adaptable harvesting system that can be used on a wide variety of crops, The system can be adapted in various ways to suit the needs of each individual to maximise the efficiency of the harvester. The 2 main systems are the 1A & 1B models which share many of the same characteristics. Both models consist of a cup & chain system which carries the harvested crop at the front of the rig to a packing area at the rear of the rig.


T section harvesters are also available in Acetal & Steel chains the same as the 1A & 1B models. The specification is again the same but with double folding arms.


Manufactured with the approval of HSE the Mini Veg Packer driverless system is very simple to operate & maintain. The principle of the driverless systems is to allow a harvesting rig to be operated in working mode without the need for a driver in the tractor cab.


To compliment the Mini Veg Packer there is a wide selection of harvesting trailers ranging from 6 pallet to 14 pallet all with various different specifications but tailor made to suit each customer.



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